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Based in the South Hampstead/Swiss Cottage area of North West London, Tony Stitt Associates provide tax advice and services to individuals and businesses, including limited companies, partnerships, sole traders and start-ups.

Our advice is detailed, friendly, supportive and expert. TSA Principal Tony Stitt FCA is a highly experienced professional who personally oversees all accounts and is always available to all clients.

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Tony Stitt Associates - Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and of the ICAEW Business Advice Service


Starting or running a business requires a range of activities, attributes and skills. TSA understand the needs of businesses and business people and can help across the board.

Business Tax
Business Tax

TSA Chartered Accountants work with their business clients in an understanding and professional way to help them plan, start, run and grow their business.


Specialist tax advice for companies, entrepreneurs and executives within the Financial and Private Company Services sectors - Product Development Fund set up and structuring.


Keeping on top of a complex tax situation can be demanding. We will make sure all your allowances are recognised and claimed and we will take away from you the task of dealing with the Tax Authorities:

Personal Tax
Business Tax

We will expertly structure ALL your financial affairs to your utmost benefit and optimum tax efficiency.


A message from our Principal for new and prospective businesses on our Start-ups page

..."In that first free meeting TSA will help you plan your financial and marketing strategy and how you want to interact with your service suppliers"... more...


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Landlords and Property Investors - Business and tax efficient advice and how to best structure a property portfolio - UK or non UK nationals, living here or abroad - contact us now.


Capital Allowances for fixtures: new 2014 rules - From April 2014, claims for capital allowances for fixtures in buildings will become more difficult for commercial property owners... more...

UK Pensions - From April 2015 retirees will be no longer forced to convert their UK pensions savings fund (pension pot) into an income for life using an annuity... more...

VAT rates for EU sales - If you sell services to EU customers via the Internet, there are two important changes to VAT rates for EU sales to watch out for later this year. What are they?... more...

New UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT) - The Government have announced a far reaching policy change to UK Capital Gains Tax regarding the taxation of capital gains made by foreign homeowners... more...

Trading in AIM (Alternative Investment Market) - A recent article in the Daily Telegraph said that the value of trading in AIM shares had gone up by 30% since August last year... more...

New Child Trust Funds - Child Trust Funds can now be moved into ISAs... more...

Offshore Accounts targeted by HMRC - HMRC has launched a new campaign targeting taxpayers with money hidden in offshore accounts... more...

HMRC plus The Home Office and others meet to combat alcohol fraud - HMRC, working with Border Force, seized over 12 million litres of duty unpaid alcohol in 2012 to 2013... more...

Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs - As from April 2015 it will be possible to transfer savings kept in a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA. The change could benefit up to 6.1 million children... more...


Open the Sale - You really need to understand the importance of selecting the most appropriate Opening for each situation (whether your communication is by telephone or face to face). Get it wrong and it’s curtains. Get it right and you’re in with a chance... more...

Testimonial opening - The Testimonial Opening is where you share a success story where your existing client(s) have benefited from using your service/product... more...

Information + short commercial opening - The Information + short commercial opening squarely focuses on the fact that people buy on emotion, either for anticipated pleasure or to alleviate pain... more...

Opinion Opening – The Opinion Opening question works well with prospects who are wary of sales people and are reluctant to give away information about their own business... more...

Individual Opening - Okay, you have introduced yourself and may or may not have given the reason for the call, but this time you decide to take a more individual approach... more...

Curiosity or Hypothetical Opening - The Curiosity or Hypothetical Opening is asking a hypothetical question to establish for example how busy the prospect company is... more...

Marketing Services - All marketing materials (including websites) and support - how TSA can help...more...


Whether you are an individual wanting assistance with your Self Assessment Tax Return, or advice on your investment structuring and planning, or you are a prospective or existing company that requires the services of an accountancy firm that you can deal with at a level that YOU decide, from dealing with the Tax Authorities to a full participation with advice on all aspects of your financial affairs, then we can help.

We can also provide marketing support services, an important area for small businesses where the principals may not have all the expertise,staff or time to carry out all those activities.

Our Funds Products Advisory is a specialist area for professionals - individuals and companies within the Financial Services industry.

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Tony Stitt Associates - Chartered Accountants London Privacy Policy

Tony Stitt Associates - Chartered Accountants London Privacy Policy


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Small business – Sole Trader? – we can help you sort out your business affairs and take away your having to deal with the tax authorities. But more than that, we can help you with business advice and, via our associates, we can also help you with the important marketing services that a business requires.

Things like website design, build, hosting and presence, logo, brochure/flyer design and printing and business cards etc. Not just producing all those essentials, but an ongoing relationship (if you want it) to support you and to help you grow your business.

Contact us to find out more.